Special Events and Services

Want to have the most unique Bridal Shower ever?  How about a baby book no one could ever buy in a store?  Running out of ideas for your son or daughter's birthday party?  Want a special memory to share with your daughter and treasure in a keepsake forever?

Well, you have come to the right place!

Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties and Special Events like Mom and Me Tea or Red Hat Rally are our newest and most exciting additions.

What if you had a bridal or baby shower where each of your guests took part in creating your keepsake album?  I know you would treasure those pages like nothing else.
Out of state?  No worries, we can set you up online to create the perfect gift and be a part of the fun.

Kid's parties these days usually involve a frantic mom trying to organize and keep track of all the kids while Junior gets cranky and just wants to play and eat cake.  How about a fun filled age appropriate activity and no hassle?  Just have Junior pick out the project and we will do the rest.
You can see an example at Our Very First Birthday Party at the Shaak post.
Mother and Me Tea is an idea I came up with because if I had a daughter I would do this with her.  Dress in your finest feather boa, costume jewelry and large floppy hat and bring your dressed up princess in for a special tea party that you will both enjoy.  The best part is when every one's pictures are taken and placed into the scrapbook pages you created at the event.  A MAKE AND TAKE EVENT.

Red Hat Rally...dedicated to my mom...one of the craziest zaniest times a woman can have with the lights on!  Schedule your Red Hat event with us for an event you will all want to do again and again.

Got an idea not mentioned here?  Let me know, we can customize your event to your tastes.

For package pricing and event details please call, email or stop by to view our samples.