Shop Progress

The Kraaft Shaak today...take a tour...

We have a large picture window so you get lots of natural light during the day!  Lots of space to spread a project out and we can move tables around if we need more space!  Hard wood floors keep things neat and tidy too. 

A lovely area just for sewing...ironing station easy to get to and easy to use.  A large work space allows the user ease for large quilts!

This entertainment center was transformed into a retail station.  The center features all of our samples for the month and you can see past works up above.  Check our current schedule here. Pre-packaged kits on each shelf allow you the chance to find something inspiring for sure!

No project is complete without color and embellishments.  This section here was created to make adding a touch of glitter, spray with vibrant color, stamp or add ribbon.  The possiblilities are endless, emboss, punch or ink to your heart's content.

Whatever your desires in learning to kraaft some fun, we can do it together.  Painting, drawing classes and so much more than the items you see here.  So stop by one of these days and see what you can get your hands into!