About Us

The Kraaft Shaak started as a dream. I dreamed of a place where all the latest machines were available to use, a wall of ink was at the ready and there would be someone to teach me how to use it all. It turned into a reality when we turned a small garage into a beautiful crafting space. We have since moved from that space to the large living area on the main floor of our home and we welcome anyone who wants to learn a new craft or just get done with the ones they have started.
We teach crafting classes of nearly all mediums and to all ranges of ages and abilities. From paper to fibers and fabric, from stamping to painting and digital.
We allow the public to come in during business hours and create their own works of art for an hourly rate and will sell kits for them to choose from or
create their own with all the goodies we have on hand.


Kraaft Shaak Hours:
Thursday - Saturday
Noon - 9 PM
Sunday and Monday
please see the Calendar and Sign Up tab
for current class schedule

(406) 498-7813
Friend us on facebook - Kraaft Shaak
Shop online at www.kraaftshaak.ctmh.com