Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Egg Shell Art

Would you believe I took some egg shells (instead of throwing them away I washed them and dried them) some alchohol ink and a lot of time and created something beautiful?

Well, I did, you just can not see it yet.  It is drying!
This picture is to tease you and I also want to know, would you prefer a VIDEO tutorial or PHOTO tutorial on how I did it?

Enjoy the picture and then comment which you prefer.


  1. Oh wow now this has me excited... I will be keeping egg shells from today onwards :D

  2. When are you going to show the whole thing?

    1. Thanks so much for your question!
      We have moved our web site to kraaftshaak.com and we have a LIVE! YouTube show titled Coffee, Chat & Kraaft that I plan in the near future to show this art technique. You may want to follow us there as this site is no longer being used.
      and Happy Kraafting!


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