Friday, June 29, 2012

Some pictures to share...of my growing family!!!!!



Mitch, Ruby and the new little blessing, Karli Rose

(she is hidden in the heart there...stop getting so close to your computer screen. You need to wait a few more weeks to see her!)


Mom and Dad

A lovely day and beautiful setting with beautiful people!



trying to be artsy



a lovely present arriving soon!


Daddy love!



Enjoying ourselves!


Just lovely!

Monday, June 11, 2012


No, I didn’t “go” anywhere…just been offline a bit!  I was so busy with the Art Gallery that I took some much needed vacation from blogging…unexpected but needed!  I also hurt my wrist a while back, so I have not been able to type too much.  Although it still hurts, I felt it was time to push through the pain and post a brief update with some photos and so on.


The Art Gallery – an open house event to showcase a final project by each of the art students from our classes this year.  This was a great event!

The set up…with the help of my set up crew (aka, Gregg and the boys) we created a curtained off area with drapes (uh, sheets) and covered up crafting areas for a more GALLERY look.

Art Gallery_0257Art Gallery_0258Art Gallery_0259

We lit the tables up for better viewing…did not help with photographing the pieces, but you get the feel I hope.


We also set up a black light.  6 out of the 9 projects utilized extreme colored pencils and they had some surprises in store for the viewer.

Art Gallery_0251Art Gallery_0253Art Gallery_0252

As the guests arrived I allowed them to just meander and gawk.  It was great, I wish I would have recorded the kid’s reactions to their own work.  It was as if they were seeing it for the first time!

Parents and grandparents, siblings and friends enjoyed and ooohed and aaaawed!

Art Gallery_0262Art Gallery_0264Art Gallery_0266

Art Gallery_0281


Turned down the lights and just let the black light show off the surprises.

Art Gallery_0280

Of course there was food to munch on and a few places to sit and talk with the artists…just a very enjoyable time!

Art Gallery_0274


A little later, the daddy and mommy to be arrived so we had to take a “family” photo.

Art Gallery_0294


Much of what I have been up to since that day….


Gifts for the lovely ladies that ordered last month.  I love giving handmade gifts! OWL be watching to see WHO orders this month…you will get something fun like this too!

Kraaft Shaak_20120611_0310

SCRAPPIN’!  I have embraced my lack of scrappin love to pull out some awesome pages…this one was a fun one!

Kraaft Shaak_20120609_0308

A perpetual calendar!  I have made another since this one and am thrilled to get it in the mail to someone special!

Kraaft Shaak_20120605_0295

New stamps arrived at the Shaak, and I love them lots…June’s special you can get a free stamp of equal or lesser value when you place an order for 2 stamps.  Click the button on the left that says SHOP WITH ME and you will gets yours sent to your house right away!



Just enjoying the view in the Kraaft Shaak today…what you up to?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

FREE STAMPS! Oh, is THAT time again!

Hello Kraafting Friends,
I am busy in the Shaak today getting all inked up with stamps but I had to drop in to share with you our fantastic sale this month!
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