Tuesday, May 1, 2012

To Do List Tuesday #3

Truth be told, this should be #4, but I refused last week.  I totally took it off…so this week we look at the list from before, see what is left and get going on new items.
Our last list…
April 17, 2012
1. Create and/or Prep –

a) Kid’s Scrap – need 2- two page layouts, and a starter pack, sample & kits b) Card Café – samples and kits c) Sew & Sew – Spring Banner, sample and kits
d) Paper Play – Shadow Box, sample and kits
2. Package kits – have them labeled and priced and in bins on shelves
3. Create labels for display case – need a serious number of these, may take two TDLT!
4. Finish incomplete projects in the project bag

a) turtle baby blanket
b) veggie tales blanket just sew binding
c) seat cushions for class chairs
d) living room curtains
I finished all the items highlighted in yellow.  I still need to do the curtains for our living room, but that is going to wait until next week.  This week I need to focus on Mother’s Day gifts.
So this is the new list for Today!
May 1, 2012
1.  Create Mom gifts for special ladies
Janice- Donna- Patsy- Sue- Barb- Gram- Sally- Ebba
2.  Get gifts mailed!
My list is short compared to usual.  I am bound and determined to not only make them but MAIL them so that is all I am focusing on!  I hope I can do it!
One last thing to leave you and your list with…Friends, is your to do list dauntingly overwhelming? Well, then add something fun to the list…here is a sample
The Perfect To Do List
Seriously, I am adding something fun to mine this week!  Maybe play in the rain?  What will you add to yours?

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