Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Skipped To Do List Tuesday…I was busy To Doing!

Well, sorry about that!  I completely spaced DOING the to do list post because I was so busy do the things on the list!

I scrapped a girly layout … sewed the binding on the veggie tales quilt …worked on mom’s day gifts … made biscuits and gravy … did a drawing … and cleaned up the Shaak.

Today is loafing around Wednesday (not a catchy cute phrase, but it is what it is!)  What you doing?

Here are some pictures of my items…enjoy!



The DIL and I are creating a rag quilt for the new baby…momma designed it, so cute and fuzzy and soft!


I water colored this hibiscus flower using my Lindy’s Stamp Gang products (the ones I won and some others I had) and then finished it with sprays…love this so much.  Giving it as a gift this week!

Kraaft Shaak_0207

My girly layout…I blogged this week about my “despising scrapbooking” and I really understand now why I was feeling this way.  All this time, I have this girly girl inside me just dying to add color to stuff, frilly ribbon and yummy pinks.  Well, I could never successfully do it before with all these boys in my world.  Yesterday, when I sprang up this idea…I thought, YES!  A GIRL!  FINALLY!  and this is what came out.

Some up close shots:

Kraaft Shaak_0204Journal box

Kraaft Shaak_0205Inside journal box

Kraaft Shaak_0206She is just as ‘sparkley’ and ‘blingy’ as her name!



I am in the middle of making over 9 gifts…I am so blessed to have so many “moms” in my life…it is a pleasure to make each them something special!  Here is just a peek into one gift I have made thus far.


A special drawing I did, Spring Banner.  Done in pastels and when I set it and mounted it, I was left with this canvas look.  It needs a frame but I am afraid to mail it with glass.  So the recipient will have to frame it herself!  I hope she won’t mind.

A Mother’s Day card…plus…




As you open it…


there seems to be…



a little more…


Oh so much more!  I hope it will bring a smile to her face!


So you see…this is what I have been doing…now, I want to know…what have you been up to?





Since Fabio came to hang out with me…I just had to keep him around.  Now, he is always glaring at that clock though!  So, he wants to know…Is it time to craft yet?

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