Monday, May 7, 2012

Scrapbooking–Our First!

There are a lot of “firsts” now that the Kraaft Shaak has moved.  We had our “first” Kids Kraaft on Wednesday and had a couple new students join us.  We had our “first” FAB U LOUS $5 Friday, on Friday (of course) and tomorrow we will have our “first” Scrappin’ Night.nature pg 7

The unique thing here is we have never had a Scrappin’ Night before.  We did a scrapbooking class, hosted by my wonderful friend Pam, who loves to scrap and has taught me so much, in our old place, but this time is different.

nature pg 8

This time, I am “teaching” the class (directing the creativity I prefer to say) and I am NO scrap booker!  In fact I despise the idea of scrap booking.  I really do.

  nature pg 1

I found out why I despise it today!  I really took at a look at myself and found that I feel guilty!  I have a stack (actually a LARGE tote) of un organized photos.  These are from my own childhood even!  I have three boys and for most of their young lives we did not have a camera, when we did it was a disposable camera so the pictures are awful and God only knows what some of them are!  I have plenty of photos to go through though.  Many of my first child a few of the second and hardly any of the third…so more guilt there!


nature pg 2

Then there is the “sorting” issue.  What if I can not remember WHEN or even WHO this is?  The WHERE is hard enough, then the WHY!  Plus, I really don’t want to put all this time and energy into a book I would have to DRAG out in order for someone to see all my work.  Besides, my boys really are not into all this “memory” stuff!  Trust me when I say, it BORES THEM TO DEATH!

nature pg 3

I know there are people out there that want to do this “thing” called scrapbooking and I am the Kraaft Shaak, so I should offer something.  Pam is way too busy, so I better do something!

Nature pg 4

So, I decided to take a good long hard look at me.  Why don’t I ?  What needs to be different if I am going to do this?

nature pg 5

Well, the first thing that had to go was the guilt!  I can not change how I stored these photos, how I cared little about keeping them in order or that I never had the skills or equipment to do great photography.

nature pg 6

I also need to realize the past is the past.  What matters is that I preserve a memory even if no one wants to hear it right now…God knows I would never listen when my Gramps told me stories, but I sure would treasure the time now!

Seattle pg 1

What happens if I can not remember?  What do I do if that whole roll of film (that is what we used to use you digital kiddos out there) is of a time and place I lost all recollection of?  What if it just randomness and I can not find “the story”?  Do I just lay a bunch of photos down and hope a title will come?

Seattle pg 2

NO!  I can forget the shackles of CHRONOLOGICAL BONDAGE and scrap the people and the reasons we remember them…not the event!  Recently, I forced myself to scrap and did not even realize I had done this very thing.  I had two photos, seemingly unrelated, but adorable and scrap-able!  I realized one was of my oldest at Kindergarten graduation and the other was of my two younger boys on the middle son’s first day of kindergarten.  I hunted for a spell until I found a photo of the youngest during his Kindergarten year and made a page about Kindergarten.  It spans from 1998 – 2005 all on one page and all in one book!

Seattle pg 3

I have to admit, I was not doing this intentionally.  I did not set out to liberate myself from the bondage of a timeline.  I really felt I just wanted them in a book!  It turns out that was the most freedom I have ever allowed myself to have!

Seattle pg 4

I will admit also, that it is hard to maintain that liberation.  As you can see in the pages I am posting here, they have a theme even within their page spread.  I want to still have the continuity through out my memories.  I will continue to group events, if I can, but I no longer feel restricted to chronology.

Seattle pg 5

I no longer feel the guilt surrounding my inability to sort and organize by dates and time and I no longer feel bad about my imperfect photography skills.  I can make a bad picture a good story just by adding it to a bunch of other bad photos.

Seattle pg 6

The truth is, there is no limit to what I can put into a layout, my large tote can attest to that, the limit comes when I don’t do anything at all!


In honor of National Scrapbooking Month, I am pleased to announce our Scrappin’ Night is Tuesday May 8th (that’s tomorrow) 7 pm – 9 pm.  You can bring your current project and we will have space for ya as well as some snacks and drinks or you can use our supplies on hand. 

We have a lot to share.  We have some chains to break! and most of all, we have some memories to scrap…so be sure to sign up and save your spot!

If you are unable to attend tomorrow, we offer All Day Kraaft on a couple Saturday’s this month.  We also offer you the opportunity to Scrap While We Skype, a new feature that you can join me via Skype to get in on the fun just purchase a kit and when it arrives we will set up your Skype session. Sign up for this under the Projects and Class Schedule tab above.


See you at the Shaak!

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