Saturday, April 7, 2012

We’ve Moved!

Okay fellow Kraafters, I am super excited to share today’s post with you!!!
I have been telling you of changes and the biggest change of all, moving the Kraaft Shaak to my home!  Well, it is complete!
I have some photos to share, the lighting is bad but you will get the idea.
I was trying so hard to get it all in one shot!
Down in the right hand corner of the picture you can see my dining room table and a chair.  This can be used too, so we got plenty of room now!
Looky!  LOOKY!  A dedicated sewing area!
You can see in the corner is my desk and our school, no room in the rest of the house and this way we can utilize the tables for school projects…now the kids better keep it clean!  LOL
In this section (which may be moved the next time you see it) is all our BLING!  I am calling it the BLING DEPARTMENT!  You can embellish to your heart’s content here.  Emboss, glitter, stickers, jewels, punch it, border it, add a tag…you name it!
This is my favorite spot right now.  It is the RETAIL section of the Shaak.  We have kits in each of those bins!  Everything from paper crafting to sewing projects and special $1 kits for kiddos!  I have a lot more to bag up and price, and I will be making cute little display cards so you know what is in each bin.  PLUS…in the center compartment, the display area, is where I will display the samples of the current calendar events! 
Oh, this is so exciting, I CAN NOT WAIT to show you those!!!

Well friends, I hope you enjoyed your tour of the Kraaft Shaak.  I have loved having you for the moment…can not wait to show you in person.  Head on over soon!


  1. This is just outstanding LOVE what you did with your craft room! Can I come play?

    1. Nichole, to have you grace my room would be like having the Queen over to visit...ANYtime would be an honor!!! Tomorrow is clear! LOL


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