Monday, April 30, 2012

Looky, Looky! Let’s Get Inky!

My dear and darling husband has made me something to make my life easier!  I am thrilled by his efforts!

One day I was drooling over these ink holders my friend Erin sells on her website Stamper Storage.  I was complaining that my ink carousel was not cutting it.  It took up too much limited table room and besides it did not work the way I needed it for classes.  It is awesome for one person in a hobby room, but not businessly…not a word, but I am using it!

I was begging for the money to get one.

The day after we got all the Kraaft Shaak moved and I started setting up I kept having to move the carousel off the table to work, so he says to me, “Babe, I am going to make you one of those ink holder things.”

Now, my husband has made ONE item out of wood his whole life.  Back then, when he said he would build me a cradle for our first son, I thought he was nuts, but he DID!  He did well too!  His first project…and last until NOW!

Kraaft Shaak_0179

I had to spray it dark brown, I seem to want everything chocolate these days!

Just look at it here above my INK CENTER!  This counter serves to provide a safe place to spray and get really messy with ink.  PERFECT!

Kraaft Shaak_0181

I am so thankful for my loving hubby!  He is a dear sweet man who has spent the last few weeks learning how to make this and getting some cool tools for his shop in the process.

For those of you without a dear hubby, or perhaps yours can not or will not make one, please visit Erin’s store.  Her big guy is very talented and can provide you with a beautiful way to store all your inks too!  Plus she sell incredible blending tools…here are the ones she sent me a month ago!

Stamper Storage Haul 2


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your organization & everything you share. This is just incredible & your husbands hands are a gift of heART! I LOVE This so much! <3 TFS

    1. Thanks Nichole, and hubby says thanks too. I will talk to him about what you asked! ;)

  2. That is one fantastic ink pad organizer!!! Pat Hubby on back from me!!! WOW...

    1. Thank you!
      Hubby was well thanked for sure!


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