Monday, April 30, 2012

Looky, Looky! Let’s Get Inky!

My dear and darling husband has made me something to make my life easier!  I am thrilled by his efforts!

One day I was drooling over these ink holders my friend Erin sells on her website Stamper Storage.  I was complaining that my ink carousel was not cutting it.  It took up too much limited table room and besides it did not work the way I needed it for classes.  It is awesome for one person in a hobby room, but not businessly…not a word, but I am using it!

I was begging for the money to get one.

The day after we got all the Kraaft Shaak moved and I started setting up I kept having to move the carousel off the table to work, so he says to me, “Babe, I am going to make you one of those ink holder things.”

Now, my husband has made ONE item out of wood his whole life.  Back then, when he said he would build me a cradle for our first son, I thought he was nuts, but he DID!  He did well too!  His first project…and last until NOW!

Kraaft Shaak_0179

I had to spray it dark brown, I seem to want everything chocolate these days!

Just look at it here above my INK CENTER!  This counter serves to provide a safe place to spray and get really messy with ink.  PERFECT!

Kraaft Shaak_0181

I am so thankful for my loving hubby!  He is a dear sweet man who has spent the last few weeks learning how to make this and getting some cool tools for his shop in the process.

For those of you without a dear hubby, or perhaps yours can not or will not make one, please visit Erin’s store.  Her big guy is very talented and can provide you with a beautiful way to store all your inks too!  Plus she sell incredible blending tools…here are the ones she sent me a month ago!

Stamper Storage Haul 2

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Show & Tell Friday–our first!

Hello fellow crafters.  I am so excited to share my first ever Show & Tell video with you today.
There are few things I remember from kindergarten, my first crush AND Show & Tell. Every Friday, we got to bring something from home and stand up in front of the class and tell them all about it!
I loved show & tell and now I am thrilled to bring it to the Kraaft Shaak. Each month on the last Friday you will get to see all the goodies we have planned for the following month.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

May 2012 project sneak peak

Hello friends…
I am so excited to do this post!  This is the first time ever I have it all the way I wanted it to go.  I have made the samples for the classes for next month.  I have nearly all the kits ready to purchase.  I even did a Show & Tell video that will post tomorrow on my YouTube channel.
Since moving the Kraaft Shaak to my house AND having my miracle surgery, I have been able to work on all the things I wanted to do before.  Now, I am ABLE to!!!!

So, without further ado, here is your sneak peak of the May projects and classes.  Be sure to sign up for the one or many classes you want to do using our Projects and Class Schedule tab up above.

Kraaft Shaak_0159

Kraaft Shaak_0154

KIDS KRAFT – each child will create a lovely “stained glass” window hanging for mom as well as a card and bookmark and it will all fit inside the custom made wrapping.

Kraaft Shaak_0167

Kard Kafe – each kit includes all the paper to create three 6X6 cards with matching envelopes and a BONUS gift to mail with the card.  In our workshop each participant will learn crackle paint fun, blend and splatter techniques and take home these adorable cards with bonus gift.  The sentiment is your choice, I did Thank You for general purpose.

Kraaft Shaak_0172

Paper Play – NEW!  A fun and fabulous way to give gifts, decorate your home or create something special just for YOU!  Paper Play is all about making something fun with paper…our first project is so quick and so fun!  Each of those boxes can be shifted around and configured how you want.  Each one will be different and if you plan on attending, be sure to bring your own memory items, pictures and trinkets to add to this lovely shadow box.

Kraaft Shaak_0177Kraaft Shaak_0175           Kraaft Shaak_0176

Sew & Sew – NEW!  A new and fun class this year is our Sew & Sew class.  Each time we meet, I will have kits on hand to create something fabrically fun! Our first class has a lot more ironing than sewing so no need to feel intimidated by the machine!  We will create a lovely banner of tremendous size for use in or out of doors.  Great hanging on a mantle or outside your front door.

Kraaft Shaak_0145

KIDS SCRAP – NEW!  This summer, I am trying something new.  I want to get kids involved in scrapping their own memories.  Hopefully they will learn the importance of remembering little things, telling a story and preserving their own past.  There will be 2 classes offered each month, although it is not a requirement to attend both.  Each time your child attends, he or she will be enjoying the process of memory keeping at their pace. 

To get all the details and sign up for each of these classes AND A FEW MORE, be sure to visit the Projects and Class Schedule tab above.

Be sure to check back tomorrow as we will link up our first ever Show & Tell video.
See you at the Shaak!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To Do List Tuesday

Well my friends, it is another Tuesday.
I am enjoying this series.  I find myself all week looking at the list,, adding to it and then crossing stuff off as I do it.  I keep thinking to myself…will my readers care?  Will there be others doing this too?  No matter what the answer is, I feel obligated to get my list ready for Tuesday…so here it is with a few left overs from last week and a few new ones added.
April 17, 2012
1. Create and/or Prep – Kids Kraaft (May), Kids Scrap, 2 page layout, card café, sew & sew.
a) Kid’s Scrap – need 2- two page layouts, and a starter pack, sample & kits
b) Card Café – samples and kits
c) Sew & Sew – Spring Banner, sample and kits
d) Paper Play – Shadow Box, sample and kits
2. Package kits – have them labeled and priced and in bins on shelves
3. Create labels for display case – need a serious number of these, may take two TDLT!
4. Finish incomplete projects in the project bag
a) turtle baby blanket
b) veggie tales blanket
c) seat cushions for class chair
d) living room curtains
I think that is quite enough LIST for today.  I really was working on things all week!  One thing not on “my”  list but was on hubby’s list was a deck off the back steps.  We got that done too!
Let’s take a look at what I have been doing and have still to do…
Kraaft Shaak_0122
The hubby’s deck.  We designed it and with OUT filing for divorce we finished it!  I say that as a joke, he and I have learned to work together over the years…we just don’t always see eye to eye on HOW we should do something!  Amazingly, we did well this time!!!!!Kraaft Shaak_0123
although the tools are still strung out, I was trying to get a pic before the sun went further down.  So here it is, the BBQ Station as I call it.  This is where those big cooking monsters (He has a HUGE grill and a smoker!) will hang out and be right off the back door.  This way they won’t take up room on my entertaining deck…oh, that is the NEXT big out door project, baby!
Kraaft Shaak_0125
So, now we head indoors for a few of MY projects…this is one of the seat cushions I made for my HARD wooden chairs.  I hope it helps ladies!  I used some scrap material from my HGP days and a little stuffing to give some fluff.  They are LITTLE – but cost me NOTHING!Kraaft Shaak_0126
Here is a sneak peak at one of our May Sew & Sew projects…It is all ready for Show & Tell, but that will wait ‘till next Friday  Smile
Kraaft Shaak_0127
An unfinished project from the Project Bag.  You see, a while ago I began this lovely gem for my youngest son, Travis.  He picked out all the material with me.  We started it together, that lasted 5 minutes, and then I never got it finished.  I put it in a bag and left it for 2 years!  Now he says he is not really “into” VT anymore.  Sad smile  So, perhaps the grandbaby will enjoy it.

Speaking of the grandbaby, ‘the momma’ was over Sunday and I gave her the Turtle Baby Quilt I finished BEFORE taking a picture…UGH!  So you do not get to see that adorable project that came out of the project bag as well.  Sorry!
Kraaft Shaak_0129
Here is a close up of my super quilting skills…not!  I started this the week I got my machine.  I was figuring out how to do this puffy quilt stuff.  I actually thought I did okay around the eyes and so on, but the running zig-zag needs improvement.  That is what life is, improving!  I try!
April 17, 2012
1. Create and/or Prep –
a) Kid’s Scrap – need 2- two page layouts, and a starter pack, sample & kits
b) Card Café – samples and kits
c) Sew & Sew – Spring Banner, sample and kits
d) Paper Play – Shadow Box, sample and kits
2. Package kits – have them labeled and priced and in bins on shelves
3. Create labels for display case – need a serious number of these, may take two TDLT!
4. Finish incomplete projects in the project bag
a) turtle baby blanket
b) veggie tales blanket just sew binding
c) seat cushions for class chairs
d) living room curtains
I am going to be focusing on no. 1, a,, b, and d today…
Plus I need to clean up the house, I have kraafting guests tomorrow!
So what are you working on?

a special little quote from a facebook friend, Shelly Mendenhall, "well, my list is so long I think I am gonna have to have To Do List Tuesday, Work on it Wednesday, Tie It Up Thursday and Finish it Friday."
made me laugh, I had to share!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Me and Fabio in the Shaak!

Yes, you read that right!  Fabio is hanging out with me at the Kraaft Shaak and we want to know…what shall we create next?


LSG contest_0117

He and I are entering to win some of his newest products, Lindy’s Stamp Gang Flat Fabios.  I want them!  I NEED THEM!  I am thrilled they have come out with them and hoping to be getting some for free, but if not…at least Fabio and I will be having fun together in the Shaak. 

(shhhh, don’t tell Gregg!)

Now where did I put those paper towels…man you drool a lot Fabio!

To Do List Tuesday

Well my friends, I am starting a new series here at the Shaak titled,, “To Do List Tuesdays”

Each week we will tackle those nagging items on the To Do List.  First, let’s start with the LIST!  My list is a long one, probably why I started this series, but I encourage you to just jot down an item or two you know you should get done this month and we will try to hold each other accountable.  I am only listing part of mine at the moment…there are many items not worth blogging about.

April 11, 2012 … Here is my list:

1. Finish Creative Chemistry 101, wrap up the binder and photo all tags and post about it.

2. Label all inks so they are easier to use.

3. Create and/or Prep – Kids Kraaft (May), Kids Scrap, 2 page layout, card café, sew & sew.

4. Package kits

5. Create labels for display case


Well, as you can see it is kinda boring.  The idea here is to get the list out there, see it and then check myself to stay on task.  I will keep you posted on how I do.


Now for the fun!  I have been taking the online class CC101 – the link is over to the left if you want to do it too- I kept running into issues with what he was teaching and what I had on hand.  The hard part is living in a town with one tiny store that carries NO Ranger products.  The good news, I have a dear sweet hubby who felt it was worth the drive and took me to Bozeman Saturday to get my hands on the goods.  The thing was, I needed to pick up and touch the items used so I could see them and know for sure if I felt I NEEDED them or could just get away with what I had on hand.  We were able to spend the day together (and he even got to go into some wood working stores) while perusing the craft aisles.  We had a good time and thanks to coupons and discounts I spent very little but I brought home a lot.


you can see all the Ranger goodies and a few others I just HAD to have  Smile

The fun was about to begin and tags were about to be completed when at the door came a knock!  Mr. Fed Ex was delivering a package!  My part of the tax return had arrived!


see all the crafting fun?  Oh my dear sweet cuttlebug, how I have coveted you for months now!


Finally, I am able to do nearly all the tags!  I set my jaw firm and applied my head phones and got to craftin.  It was tons of fun and very educational.  I did 4 days worth in one sitting!  This is just one of the techniques I did.  It is called Rusted Enamel.  The tag on the left was my first attempt.  I did not do it right, but as you can see in the second one it clearly looks rusted!

KraaftShaak2012_0098Rusted Enamel

I was able to complete my binder, get all the .pdf documents printed and 3 hole punched.  The tags…well, as many as I could complete are done.  I still have 10 to do and only 3 are possible, for now!  I am going to call this one done though and cross it off my list.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and be sure to comment…I love comments!


all the tags I have done, a few Trav did with me, and my binder!


one of my faves (only a couple were not faves) Crackle Paint Resist


Wow!  That Rock Candy Crackle Paint makes the Shattered Stains Technique look very hard to do!


I should have ironed off the embossing to make this a true Nostalgic Batik Technique, but I just loved it too much just as it was!


Day 6 – Markers!  I would love to spend money on Distress Markers.  I would love it even more if they were available (new product) however, I didn’t have ‘em and I was not waiting to do this one…so I grabbed what I had next to me, CRAYOLA MARKERS!  Yep, that is was I got when I used them!  The only thing was the second part of this 3 part technique day I was unable to do using the Crayolas and I think having Distress would have been nice for that, but the rest turned out great!


This technique, Alcohol Ink Agates on Day 3, was fun.  Travis decided to join me and made this one.  Mine was too silver, and I really did not listen to the instructions.  Fortunately, Travis is better than I am and he did this one PERFECTLY!  His has just enough gold to give it shimmer, but the colors show through just right!


Finally, Perfect Splatter Distress Technique, I think this was on my ‘all time fave’ list because although I did not have Perfect Pearls I did have Lindy’s Stamp Gang – Magicals (the teal shimmery splatters you see) and I know Ranger products are good and Tim showed us just how to use them, I felt I did not need to buy them and would go with what I had.  I am glad I did because I had been struggling with using these Magicals.  Now I am making lovelies all over the place!

To Do List Tuesday UPDATE

April 11, 2012 … Here is my list:

1. Finish Creative Chemistry 101, wrap up the binder and photo all tags and post about it.

2. Label all inks so they are easier to use.

3. Create and/or Prep – Kids Kraaft (May), Kids Scrap, 2 page layout, card café, sew & sew.

4. Package kits

5. Create labels for display case

Saturday, April 7, 2012

We’ve Moved!

Okay fellow Kraafters, I am super excited to share today’s post with you!!!
I have been telling you of changes and the biggest change of all, moving the Kraaft Shaak to my home!  Well, it is complete!
I have some photos to share, the lighting is bad but you will get the idea.
I was trying so hard to get it all in one shot!
Down in the right hand corner of the picture you can see my dining room table and a chair.  This can be used too, so we got plenty of room now!
Looky!  LOOKY!  A dedicated sewing area!
You can see in the corner is my desk and our school, no room in the rest of the house and this way we can utilize the tables for school projects…now the kids better keep it clean!  LOL
In this section (which may be moved the next time you see it) is all our BLING!  I am calling it the BLING DEPARTMENT!  You can embellish to your heart’s content here.  Emboss, glitter, stickers, jewels, punch it, border it, add a tag…you name it!
This is my favorite spot right now.  It is the RETAIL section of the Shaak.  We have kits in each of those bins!  Everything from paper crafting to sewing projects and special $1 kits for kiddos!  I have a lot more to bag up and price, and I will be making cute little display cards so you know what is in each bin.  PLUS…in the center compartment, the display area, is where I will display the samples of the current calendar events! 
Oh, this is so exciting, I CAN NOT WAIT to show you those!!!

Well friends, I hope you enjoyed your tour of the Kraaft Shaak.  I have loved having you for the moment…can not wait to show you in person.  Head on over soon!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scrapbooking For Kids Class

Wouldn't it be so neat if your kiddos learned to keepsake their memories for the future?

I am starting a new class and video series that I really think is going to be a blast!  You child does not need to be crafty.  Nor do you need to be a professional photographer.  The basic idea is that over the next few months we will meet 2 times each month.  I will have all the supplies ready, you just bring your pictures and those little hands and curious eyes to the Kraaft Shaak for 1-2 hours each visit.  Mom may stick around and watch if she wants.

I will teach on color, design elements, use of embellishments, journaling tips, the importance of preservation, memory making and most of all FUN!

Your child will complete a SUMMER 2012 keepsake you both will treasure forever!
If you choose to attend ALL classes, your child could have a minimum 16 page album.

*********Pre-registration before each class is required
 so I have enough supplies ready.*********

Each month there will be 2 classes available May-August.
You may attend as many or as few classes as you wish or are able WITH pre-registration.
Classes are best for kids ages 5 and up.  We will use scissors, tape, ink, stamps and other items that are too small for younger kiddos.
To begin, register on our Projects and Class Schedules Page tab up at the top of this website, purchase the Starter Package on your first day of class and each class will have a Class Kit to purchase as well.

Starter Package includes a customizable binder, eight page protectors, a cover sheet to create, spine label to create and an All About Me page for the inside.  Price $5.00

Class Kit includes 2 themed pages to decorate and design, papers and embellishments.  In class you will get to use all the stamps, inks and so on we have on hand.  Trust me, everything you need to create something spectacular is right here, each and every class!  Price $3.00

I will be posting pictures soon of what a sample may look like.

What?  You don't live in Butte, MT?

If you don't live near by, don't may purchase the Starter Kit and Class Kits and have them mailed to your home where you can then follow our video instruction to create at home.  I will include a list of the basic supplies needed, a few suggestions for FUN add ons and a password to the video lesson.  It will be like having me right there teaching your kiddo, only you have a pause button!

So what are you waiting for...head over to the Projects and Class Schedules tab and sign up today.  While you are there, you can check out our calendar for upcoming events and registration is on that page too!

Make those memories so we can get them in the book!  :)

Taking a Tim Holtz Class!

This is so stinking cool!

I signed up a couple days ago to take an online class with the infamous Tim Holtz!  Although I missed out on the LIVE sessions (not that HE was live, but everyone was discovering together each day) I am super excited!
Here is a blurb from the class description...
Embrace your creative freedom as you take the journey of artistic discovery with Tim Holtz!

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between many of Ranger’s inks, paints, and powders, and what makes them work? Well then this is the workshop for you!

In Creative Chemistry 101 Tim Holtz teaches the “science” behind it all. This class will give you the confidence to experiment with an abundance of techniques and give you ideas for ways to use all the creative mediums in your stash. This jam-packed online workshop is your front row seat to 100% technique know-how.

Complete with videos, downloadable tips and tricks, and printable technique labels – this is not your typical project based class. In fact it’s more of an artful exploration where our main objective is the mastering of technique as we focus on creating technique tag swatches with step by step instruction labels on the back. These handy tags will be a useful tool for you to reference on all of your future projects and take the guess work out of how to do it all.

No doubt there will be some inspiration to apply these along the way, but the objective is to share the creative chemistry no lab coat required…

Throughout this workshop something to keep in mind (and I’ll say it over and over) is that this is all about technique. Our goal here is not to just make pretty things, our goal is to understand the “how’s & why’s” of the products too – you know, the “Creative Chemistry” of it all? I will be working on a tag for each technique, and there will be step by step instructions for you to print out and adhere to the back of each tag for quick reference. I will be sharing this information through a series of videos with a more personal approach. I’ll provide some insight of my creative ways of thinking, the process behind techniques, and a tour of my own creative space with storage ideas, and more.

I began yesterday and learned a lot about my own product stash!  Then today I am not feeling so good, but I just wanted to do something fun so I chose to do Day 2!

I am so glad I did!

Here are DAY 2 RESULTS
To learn more about the class or to register and take it along with me, please visit CC101

I will be sharing more of these as I get them done...see you soon!

edit:  I decided to try something...


I just had to see what would happen if I used the CTMH (Close To My Heart) ink pads.  I only have 3 colors in the Distress Inks by Ranger.  So, as Mr. Holtz taught us, I am using what I have now that I know the chemistry behind each product I own.  What an amazing result!

Same 3 techniques...totally different results using color!

Blended Spritz & Flick

Brushless Watercolor

Wrinkle Free Distress

I made a boo boo on the second one and to fix it I crumpled the watercolor paper and it looks so worn and tattered now...LOVE IT!

So, what are you creating today?