Monday, March 26, 2012

ANOTHER Video! That's #2 if you're countin'

Today I tackled a picture tutorial I saw over at
Toilet Paper Casting/Molding

This Erin Grotegut is so good!  I know it may seem I am stalking her, but really I just get so inspired when I look at her stuff!

Anyhow, this tut is good and it got me thinking...can I do this?  Would it be fun, messy and result in something wonderful?

Well I gave it a few tries, then learned some things along the way and thought - HEY!  Another video opportunity.

I threw this one together fast,the camera battery ran out in the end and then I created finished projects with the awesome results.  I hope you enjoy the vid, rate it 5 WHOLE STARS and don't forget to subscribe to my channel so I know I should make some more.

hugs and happy kraaftin'


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  2. Greeeeat Video! Yes, don't use 2 ply.. I use Scotttissue and it's super thin one ply. Seems to work the best... less "fuzz"/lint, too.


    Inky Smiles!


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