Monday, March 26, 2012

ANOTHER Video! That's #2 if you're countin'

Today I tackled a picture tutorial I saw over at
Toilet Paper Casting/Molding

This Erin Grotegut is so good!  I know it may seem I am stalking her, but really I just get so inspired when I look at her stuff!

Anyhow, this tut is good and it got me thinking...can I do this?  Would it be fun, messy and result in something wonderful?

Well I gave it a few tries, then learned some things along the way and thought - HEY!  Another video opportunity.

I threw this one together fast,the camera battery ran out in the end and then I created finished projects with the awesome results.  I hope you enjoy the vid, rate it 5 WHOLE STARS and don't forget to subscribe to my channel so I know I should make some more.

hugs and happy kraaftin'

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am writing to introduce you to, well, ME!  A new and rising star in the world of, uh, YouTube.

OK OK!  So ANYONE can upload a video of their own creation and be a "star" in their own mind, but I stepped out and did it!

You see, I kinda had this fear of doing it WRONG! Why?  I don't know, cuz I never have done it so I may get it, well, WRONG.

I was fiddling around on facebook this morning and got 'inspired' by Nichole at who mentioned that it is an AWESOME Monday and go, be inspired by something!  So in reading my blog roll, I had a lot of catch up to do since the surgery kept me from the computer, and I read a recent to me post from Erin at  She did this great tutorial of "Faux Silk" and I loved doing this one so I decided to create a card on camera. 

I did it...but there is a glitch!

I went to upload it from the SD card to my hubby's computer (the one at home, mine is still in transition to the house) and guess what?  He does not have my software on his computer. 

The boys helped me with this video creation, and were very good not to make too much fun of me.  So they were all excited to get it up on the web and watch it on the big screen!  I told them not to worry, I can handle this set back.

I headed downstairs to the old office area and found the cd for the software. 
I installed said software.
I went to upload video...

...what do you mean you need to format my disk?

UH - NO!  You are not going to delete my very first ever video!

So, I am sitting here waiting (not so patiently) for dear hubby to return from an ever lasting LONG day of work in the knee deep super wet and heavy snow to bring MY computer so i can do this thing.

I hope to have it posted soon.

Check back soon!  :)

What has inspired you lately?