Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A give-away? Yes, I NEED TO!


I love to give things away and it seems to have been so long since the last one...
I just decided on a WHIM I need to do it NOW!

So, without further ado, what are the rules?
Do one (or more, for multiple entries) of the following...
  1. Like our Facebook page Kraaft Shaak.
  2. Become a follower of this blog. (over on the right--->)
  3. View our online Idea Book and leave us a comment about your most loved item.
  4. Email me - kraaftshaak@yahoo.com - with an order from the Idea Book and receive 1 entry for every $10 you spend!
  5. Share us on your blog OR on facebook!
Once you have done ONE (or more) of the items above, be sure to finish your entry by leaving us a comment with your name and ALL of the ways you entered (from the list above).  I am so excited to give stuff away
but what is the big deal if you have NO IDEA what you will get for free?

SO...Here is what I am giving away!

A HANDMADE GIFT* from this list

A set of 6 Christmas Cards

A 3X3 gift box

A NOEL verticle sign
*actual item will vary in color and style. I will contact winner for details!

Now, get to it!
spread the word,
like the page,
become a follower
whatever you have to do to enter to win!
DO IT!!!


Drawing will be held FRIDAY December 9th, 2011 at midnight (MT time)
Announcement will be made immediately after! 
REMEMBER!  You need to leave a comment and be sure to let us know which one of the above you did!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Finally, a post with some artwork!

Today I am featuring two versions of one of our Home Decor/Gift Giving projects.

The first is NOEL. 
Noel is made of liteweight cardboard, designer papers and ribbon with lots of BLING to bring out the sparkle of the season.
What an endearing way to celebrate the season!

 The perfect size for sharing and displaying!
It is over 2 feet long and 5 inches wide.
It easily folds up and fits into an envelope
for sending with a card to a loved one.

Check out that bling!
Glittered Embossing makes it sparkle and shine

 A few added gems to give the notes a chance to sing!

Maybe you would prefer a year 'round decoration?
No problem!  You can choose any word, phrase or series of words to create yours.

Here I chose LOVE to focus on the one thing we must all try to remember!
You can always do your last name, FALL or even Peace, Hope and Love if you like.
Your imagination is your limit!

Notice the rhinestones on the swirl?
I cut out the swirl using the Cricut and attached the rhinestones just seconds later.
It make such an impact! 

Yours will be a custom made gift that you may just have to make two (one to keep for yourself)

So hurry on over to our Projects and Class Schedules page to sign up for the
You will be tickled to find you MADE something and had a blast!

Have a Kraafty day!