Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Making some changes...

I am thrilled to announce we have many changes taking place here at the Kraaft Shaak.

#1 - our blog is receiving some much needed revamping.  Each change brings us closer to what we really want it to be here.  I am learning all sorts of new things thanks to Tresa Black over at Fabulously Artsy and her BlogtoberFest.  Check out the button on the right to find out more about that.

#2 - the Shaak needs some redo, not physically but in the way we originally planned the hours and vision of the Shaak.  We will no longer be having OPEN hours and we will be focusing on holding more workshops instead.

#3 - The above changes will allow me to be more involved in my own projects which will include more custom work for you and more items to be added to our etsy store.

#4 - the etsy store will be up and running soon ... check back for more on that!

WOW!  That is a lot!

I want to begin featuring some techniques on Tuesdays...and 5 minute Fridays...I also want to feature more work by the students who use the Shaak, because quite honestly, that is where you see true talent!

In the next few days to weeks you will see lots going on here and I would love it if you would join us by email or by following on the right ----->

Leaving comments is always great because it lets me know which items to keep doing and what to get rid of! 

I hope your day is a Kaafty one!

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