Monday, October 31, 2011

November Calendar PLUS!

Hello fellow Kraafters!

I have had a blast this month putting finishing touches on my awesome blog
              (Ya!  I said it, AWESOME!)

I hope you have enjoyed them too...although I will admit I am not done!

As a matter of fact I am on here right now to share that I have added a NEW feature!

A sign up form for Workshops!

So, if you head up to that tab up there at the top that reads Projects and Class Schedules you will find our interactive calendar and just below that is a fabulous NEW form to fill out.

So why are you still sitting here on this boring page???
Get over there and fill out the form for your favorite workshop NOW!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

CHANGES, I am loving the changes!

So, in honor of "changes" I have added a new feature to the blog!


If you go to the tab up at the top that reads Projects and Class Schedules you will find an interactive calendar that allows you to see the details of our schedule, the prices and how you can participate!

I am super excited to add this feature and I hope it means less confusion for our customers.

Please let me know what you think!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Making some changes...

I am thrilled to announce we have many changes taking place here at the Kraaft Shaak.

#1 - our blog is receiving some much needed revamping.  Each change brings us closer to what we really want it to be here.  I am learning all sorts of new things thanks to Tresa Black over at Fabulously Artsy and her BlogtoberFest.  Check out the button on the right to find out more about that.

#2 - the Shaak needs some redo, not physically but in the way we originally planned the hours and vision of the Shaak.  We will no longer be having OPEN hours and we will be focusing on holding more workshops instead.

#3 - The above changes will allow me to be more involved in my own projects which will include more custom work for you and more items to be added to our etsy store.

#4 - the etsy store will be up and running soon ... check back for more on that!

WOW!  That is a lot!

I want to begin featuring some techniques on Tuesdays...and 5 minute Fridays...I also want to feature more work by the students who use the Shaak, because quite honestly, that is where you see true talent!

In the next few days to weeks you will see lots going on here and I would love it if you would join us by email or by following on the right ----->

Leaving comments is always great because it lets me know which items to keep doing and what to get rid of! 

I hope your day is a Kaafty one!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Very First Birthday Party!

There are so many things to share this week…I have hardly had time to enjoy the success besides tell the blogging world about it!
Instant gratification is found at the Facebook page, but not many details…here is where I give the ups and downs of the whole ordeal…so get to it already!!!!  I know!
So…I have been holding back on sharing this because I wanted to present this to you in a FULLY COMPLETE project and keep it a secret from my victim client.
First, my client was my dear friend and her daughter.  She came to me and asked if we could do a painting party for 8 five and under kiddos.  HECK YA! Second, she had some parameters…the little girl in question loves polka dots and pink and green.  Could I deal with that?  Oh you know I could!!!
I was willing and able and super SUPER excited to take on this challenge.
That night I began sketching out my ideas and I had trouble sleeping only because I really wanted to work on it right then and there!
I am going to let you into my brain for a minute…excuse the mess!scan0001scan0002scan0006
So now that you have seen the mess my brain makes on paper you are probably wondering How in the world did it turn out???  Oh I am more than happy to show you that!
But first…let me just say how much fun it was to hang out with a group little ones again.  My youngest son (I have three actually) turns 11 next week and although he is my darling little guy forever will be my baby he is not a baby anymore!  So when I say it was fun to be with little people for a day, I mean it!
We painted little plaster figures, created foam pennants using sticky foam decorations, we went bowling with extra large bowling set and we did musical chairs and duck duck goose and we had cupcakes and opened gifts.  Super fun time for sure…but I needed a nap when it was over!
Here are some of the pictures I took and then revamped on (love this site for sure) and even a few I collaged for the momma and for my shop portfolio…enjoy Smile
Best BuddiesBowling 1Bowling 2Bowling 3Bowling 4bowling 5Bowling 6Painting 1Craft 2 group 1CupcakesCupcakes 1Cupcakes 2CatherineKarsynRaymondVanessaReaganUnwrapping gifts 1Unwrapping gifts 2Unwrapping gifts 5unwrapping gifts 7Unwrpping gifts 3Group 2
My collages …
 Happy Bday CatKraaft Shaak Event 1scan0007
Now I want to share some up close shots of the projects I made for the birthday girl that we used as decorations…she then used them at her “family” party and it was awesome!
This is a typical birthday package d├ęcor pack.  All the items shown will be customized to YOUR event!
Invite FrontInvite Inside
You have to invite them…of course I include an extra for the scrapbook!
Birthday Set up 2BannerBanner closeup 1Banner Closeup 2Banner Closeup 3
Banner Closeup 4
Here is the banner I sketched earlier…yes!  That is how I roll!  Can’t you just see this in her room…yours will be tailored to your event!
Centerpiece and matching invite
The stuff  H A S to match of course!
Centerpiece Closeup 2Centerpiece Closeup 3Centerpiece closeup 1
This was so cute…it came to me a few nights later…make a CUPCAKE centerpiece!
CupCake Toppers       Cup Cake Toppers
Toppers for the cupcakes in this case but if you want a cake topper I can do that too!  Let me know.
Painting SetupThe craft set up…this and the pennant craft were included in this package.  Your event will be what you want it to be,s o we can discuss just what you want to share with your guests…like maybe card making for older kids or scrapping night for moms!  We can work it out!

Well that was the Kraaft Shaak’s very first party package…what did you think?

On another note…
Remember friends, I am RE-Vamping The Blog in my Blogtoberfest adventure with Tresa Black over at Fabulously Artsy.  She is teaching us some cool stuff so head on over and work on yours!
This last weeks lesson … Taking Better Artwork Photos
Here is my BEFORE                        
340         Invite Front
                                                     Here is my AFTER!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I have said my blog is "under construction" for weeks (maybe even months) so how excited am I when I read on Fabulously Artsy blog that she is doing BLOGTOBERFEST???  Super excited!!!

I am not excatly sure how or why but I know a greater power is at work when I am so sick of my blog I thought I may scrap it totally and instead I am rejuvinated by this post from her.  So here is too Blogtoberfest!  I can not wait to see what it will bring...stay tuned!  Better yet, head over to her blog to join in the fun!