Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Newest Kraafting Bug

Well friends…I never thought I would say this…but I have a NEW BUG!  Literally!


As I write this, I have photographed, moved and photographed some more, and the darn thing will not leave!


He is a four inch Dragon Fly!


I have seen dragon flies only in cute baby rooms, mostly for little girls, usually in pink or mint green.  I have never seen one in real life – nor - THIS BIG!


Here are some pictures I managed to capture in between screams and squeals!  By the way, he is still hanging from the light fixture!



I swear he is grinning at me here!


I moved his box (the one he landed in)down so I could get a good look!  So pretty and blue!


Then I screamed like a little girl when he buzzed right at me and over to the light…but I got composure to take this WING shot.


I swear he is HUGE!  over 4 inches…can you tell in this shot?  Well, trust me!  He is BIG!


So, who are you hanging

out with today?

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