Thursday, July 28, 2011

‘Baby’s First Year’ Wall Hanging Tutorial

Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_033
This is such a cute idea!  I know so many people love to scrapbook and although I love paper crafting, I do not love putting all my work into a book!  I especially felt this way when it came to the baby years.  I always wanted to sit with my baby book open and be ready with pen in hand to capture their ‘first –whatever’ but anyone who has kiddos knows that is not how it works!
With my ‘Baby’s First Year Wall Hanging’ you can use the blank space provided for each month to either place a photo of baby at each month or write in the “firsts” as they occur..your decision!
A dear niece of ours is expecting her first child and I thought of this idea for the busy mom…hopefully you will enjoy making it as much as the recipient will enjoy using it!
First gather your supplies…
Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_001
Shown here…
  • 15” x 30” unfinished artist’s canvas
  • papers of choice (I used Close To My Heart paper pack-SOPHIA)
  • coordinating decorations…like ribbon and buttons stamps and inks…you get the idea
  • craft paint and tools (I also used a product by CTMH called Create-A-Shade pearl to give it a shimmer)
  • trimmer, punches, ruler and Cricut (optional but makes lettering easy!)
Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_003
Step #1
Paint canvas!  I mixed a white acrylic paint with the pearl Create A Shade to give it something special.  You can do color if you want…get creative! I just slapped it on….left brush marks on purpose (not sure if you can really see them in photo, but they are there!)

Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_006
Step #2
Let it dry! I took this time to figure out what I wanted my pages to look like on the canvas and cut my papers and embellishments! See below for papers sizes I used)
Step #3
This step is optional and up to you and your project…I used a sponge and some ink to create a subtle shading on the edges.  The stark white just didn’t have enough appeal for me.
Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_015
Step #4
Layout and measure all your work to be sure you get it where you want what to go.  Do not adhere it just yet, you are laying out for a visual.  I like things to be in line and even so I used my ruler to center it, however, some of you are really good at mismatching and stuff like that so go for it…make it yours!
Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_009
Step #5
Get out the Cricut, punches, stickers or stamps and create the wording you will use.  I used the baby’s first and middle name because they knew it and had it on the wall even!  I also spelled out MY FIRST YEAR.  I would love to see what you come up with if you vary this part!
Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_010Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_011
Step #6
Here is a cute step I added, a 3D paper flower…make yours like this…Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_017Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_016
I used the 2” scallop punch to cut out cardstock and decorative paper.  I used the stitch tool to stick a whole in the middle of each
Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_019
Now fold the paper circle in half…
Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_020
…then in half again…
Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_021
…then in half again.
Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_022
Now unfold and using a brad connect the two together but do not flatten out the folded piece.  Make 3 (or whatever you need) and set aside for later.
Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_023
Step #7
I used my computer and printed out the months onto cardstock, cut them each out and attached them to the insets as shown.
Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_028
Step #8
Begin laying out the base pieces and secure the items to the canvas.
Before you attach to canvas, be sure to assemble the pages first then attach the page to the canvas!
I used a Tombow tape dispenser to adhere the papers to the two base pages. I used Alene’s clear tacky glue in small swirls sparingly to adhere the base pages to the canvas. I then placed it face down and put heavy books on the back so it would stick and stay. I left that for about 5 minutes.
Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_025                              Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_026
Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_027
Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_029
Step #9
Finally, attach embellishments to the project.  I used a strong adhesive (Crafty Power Tape used here) that you peel and stick so I was not disturbing my project or flower.  I added buttons using clear tacky glue again…I also liked using Liquid Glass (another CTMH product) and glittered some of the decorative paper and so on.  Use your imagination!
Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_024
Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_031Baby's First Year Wall Hanging_032
Dimensions, Details and what I used…
All paper was from Close To My Heart SOPHIA paper pack
  • 12” x 12” Hollyhock 2 used for base
  • Blush, cut ( 6 )  3-1/4” x 5”
  • Pear, cut ( 6 ) 3-1/4” x 5”
  • 2 Sophia B&T Duos cut ( 6 ) of each at 3-3/4” x 5-1/2”
  • I used Pear and Blush for the lettering, and inked with CTMH exclusive ink Hollyhock

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Got me a hair cut!


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Alright, so I cut more than one hair…what do you think?


Hair before….long and frumpy!


Also I am trying out a new way to blog…so I will see if this works or not!


What are you up to?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quick and Easy Shower Gift

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