Saturday, May 14, 2011

Progress...nearly ready to move in!

Dad installs the trim.  He did such a masterful job of creating a finished look!  I was very happy to watch the transformation from garage to a decent place to craft!

There was once a garage door here, and now you see a beautiful new front door with a window.  It helps add natural light AND we can see when customers are coming in.  Thanks dad for the gift!

Dad uses his wicked skills to create a Koffee Korner for the Kraaft Shaak

Once I slapped some paint on those shelves it begins to look so very nice.

Stand back and snap a shot of the room painted and just about ready for the floor install

So we began the tedious but exhilerating task of installing these foam tiles.  I intended to do this corner in the multi-colors because this is where the Kids Kraaft will be, but these do not work unless you use ALL color or ALL grey. 
We went with ALL GREY!

Most of the furniture where it belongs and thanks to Pam, the floor is done!  We will get it cleaned up and start moving in soon.  Stay tuned!

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