Saturday, April 2, 2011

Paint, Paint and PAINT SOME MORE!

Our projects at the shop have been slow and have involved a lot of paint!

SORRY, no pictures!

My partner's hubby, Steve, has stepped up and applied all the primer to every surface of the inside.  Their oldest son has helped tremendously as well.

Pam and I started coloring the walls and a few cupboards after that.

Last week Gregg and I were there for a couple hours.  He added a shelf under the counter top that will hold all the sewing machines when not in use and I painted the trim on one wall and the Koffee Korner shelves a deep chocolate brown.  It is gonna be so nice when it is done!

I hope to take pictures of the slow progress soon and get you a slide show of it here.

I am projecting a Grand Opening May 5th.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!  ha ha