Saturday, February 26, 2011

more on the Kraaft Shack!

Well, it was a nice vacation in Arizona for a month.  I am sickened when I look out my window and see all the snow though!  Wow!

Anyway, I wanted to let you see the last pictures that were taken when dad was finishing up just before we left to AZ.

here is dad puting up the trim all around the room

he added a nother coat of mud to the seams...he was mad at me to have to leave it as it was.  Such a perfectionist!

His talents really showed when he took this gorgeous piece of Oak and with a few cuts of the saw...

...he created this Coffee Corner in our little shack!
Overall, the work he did was spectacular!  I am so thrilled to have spent the time with my dad and learned so much about creating this work space.
While I was in Arizona, my good friend Pam got to rolling on some primer on most all the walls.  So I am off to work on it some more.  I will hopefully remember to snap photos along the way and update you as it turns into a viable and working shop!!

Thanks for Kraafting along with us!

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