Sunday, November 14, 2010

An old pair of jeans makes a gift debut!

Here is my niece's Christmas gift, shhhh!  Don't tell her!

To tell you how I created this adorable gift I need to go back a few days. 

Gregg came to me with torn work jeans in hand an asked (more like BEGGED) me to fix them.  He also had a second pair that I could cut up and use to create the patches.  I cut all the denim I could muster out of the second pair of pants, and then I was about to throw out the mess of left overs...I saw the pockets. 
One of them had a small hole in the upper left corner.  I just could not throw them out.  I cut them out, trimming around the pocket as close to the edge as I could.  Then I ran to my box o' goodies and found these super cute Precious Moments iron on patches.  I trimmed the seam of one of the legs all the way up the leg until I had just enough for a strap and I added the pink ribbon bow because, well just 'cuz it's so darn cute!
I sewed the strap on by hand because it was just too much for my machine to do ALL those layers of denim!  I also took some cutesy purple/teal colored paisley print material to create an inner liner.  I used some Velcro for a closer and in just two hours had designed and created this adorable gift for my dear Hannah girl.  She will love it, I hope!

Sew....what are you doing with your crafty self?

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