Sunday, November 7, 2010

Holiday Workshops

The first week of Novemeber was a crazy blast!
We spent the week before preparing many packs of paper to eventually be assembled into cards by the fabulous students.
I ended up with 9 different "flavors" to choose from with tantelizing names such as Nostalgic Christmas, The Gift of Music, Contemporary Christmas and Winter Wimsy to name a few.  Each card pack has a totally different color scheme and theme.
Our workshops had students each and every day!  Here is the fourth and final one with the girls getting crafty!

Here are some of the cards that were created...
Golden Elegance card pack used here by Maddie

Nostalgic Christmas was used here by Hannah

Chilly Willy by Mary

Christmas in Chocolates by Joy

The Gift of Music by Heather

There were more, but as usual I was too busy getting fun and crafty to get out the camera!

I am also experiementing with patterns and ideas I am finding all over the web.  Here is a set of Stocking Gift Boxes (you get all three in the kit) and they fill up nicely with treats for a co-worker or neighbor.  I can see deocrating these for kids too, baby's first Christmas and so on.
I am working on aprons and gift bags this week.  SEW I will be busy this week too!

Great news on the building dad is officially coming up in January for a couple weeks to get our shop finished so we can move in!  HOORAY!  This means a Spring Grand Opening will be possible!

I hope you have a super crafty day!

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