Saturday, October 16, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Like most of you, I have been working hard and very busy.
This week we wrapped up CARDS 202 classes and the artwork created by my students was TREMENDOUS!

In Week One of our CARDS 202 class, we focused on EMBOSSING TECHNIQUES.  It was a lot of fun to experiment with the different ways to create the Batik or Ghosting effects using embossing powders and an iron.  We also did more resist techniques and created unique 6 x 6 cards and envelopes that resembled my samples.  

Week 1 card A

Week 1 card B

I encouraged the students in each class to use my samples as a guide only.  I wanted them to step out of my box and enter into their creativity.  I wish I also had the sense to take pictures of what they did, it was wonderful to see how they applied the techniques and put the papers together.

In week two, we learned about placing movement and interaction into our cards to give it that extra WOW! you just can not get with a store bought card, using some tricks you may have around your house.  Again, they were encouraged to create their own and it just so happened that we did this class on a day that preceded one of the student's sibling's birthday.  So he made a birthday card that had some spin!  *Note to self - be sure to keep camera handy for future classes!!!

Week 2 card A - the hedgehog swings from his one cent kite as you move the card.

Week 2 card B - the pumpkin spins in the cutout window using a very fishy technique as well as a tip on how to use bright paper when you want a more muted effect.  The orange in this card was a BRIGHT orange that we "toned down" to achieve a fall color versus a summer color.

Each week the student chose one of the two cards, either a general theme or a fall themed version.  The packet would include all the papers I used but not cut to my dimensions so they could use as little or as much as they chose.  It was a lot of fun!

In our final week we actually learned a technique that I am most excited about called Bandanna or Create Your Own Paper.  I taught the students the simple steps to random stamping and the tricks to get it to look random but clean.  I also shared some tricks for coloring the paper and adding highlights and accents that make you think the newly designed one-of-a-kind paper was purchased from a fine paper store. 

Week 3 card A - using a simple object from my kitchen cupboards, I created this unique shape for the card and created my own paper using stamps and inks.

Week 3 card B - I did not have any fall colored or themed paper at home, so I was inspired to create my own and now I have no need to go to the store for a specific theme ever again.  I was able to create my own "leaves" from paper which kept me from purchasing those too!

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