Sunday, November 14, 2010

An old pair of jeans makes a gift debut!

Here is my niece's Christmas gift, shhhh!  Don't tell her!

To tell you how I created this adorable gift I need to go back a few days. 

Gregg came to me with torn work jeans in hand an asked (more like BEGGED) me to fix them.  He also had a second pair that I could cut up and use to create the patches.  I cut all the denim I could muster out of the second pair of pants, and then I was about to throw out the mess of left overs...I saw the pockets. 
One of them had a small hole in the upper left corner.  I just could not throw them out.  I cut them out, trimming around the pocket as close to the edge as I could.  Then I ran to my box o' goodies and found these super cute Precious Moments iron on patches.  I trimmed the seam of one of the legs all the way up the leg until I had just enough for a strap and I added the pink ribbon bow because, well just 'cuz it's so darn cute!
I sewed the strap on by hand because it was just too much for my machine to do ALL those layers of denim!  I also took some cutesy purple/teal colored paisley print material to create an inner liner.  I used some Velcro for a closer and in just two hours had designed and created this adorable gift for my dear Hannah girl.  She will love it, I hope!

Sew....what are you doing with your crafty self?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Holiday Workshops

The first week of Novemeber was a crazy blast!
We spent the week before preparing many packs of paper to eventually be assembled into cards by the fabulous students.
I ended up with 9 different "flavors" to choose from with tantelizing names such as Nostalgic Christmas, The Gift of Music, Contemporary Christmas and Winter Wimsy to name a few.  Each card pack has a totally different color scheme and theme.
Our workshops had students each and every day!  Here is the fourth and final one with the girls getting crafty!

Here are some of the cards that were created...
Golden Elegance card pack used here by Maddie

Nostalgic Christmas was used here by Hannah

Chilly Willy by Mary

Christmas in Chocolates by Joy

The Gift of Music by Heather

There were more, but as usual I was too busy getting fun and crafty to get out the camera!

I am also experiementing with patterns and ideas I am finding all over the web.  Here is a set of Stocking Gift Boxes (you get all three in the kit) and they fill up nicely with treats for a co-worker or neighbor.  I can see deocrating these for kids too, baby's first Christmas and so on.
I am working on aprons and gift bags this week.  SEW I will be busy this week too!

Great news on the building dad is officially coming up in January for a couple weeks to get our shop finished so we can move in!  HOORAY!  This means a Spring Grand Opening will be possible!

I hope you have a super crafty day!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Like most of you, I have been working hard and very busy.
This week we wrapped up CARDS 202 classes and the artwork created by my students was TREMENDOUS!

In Week One of our CARDS 202 class, we focused on EMBOSSING TECHNIQUES.  It was a lot of fun to experiment with the different ways to create the Batik or Ghosting effects using embossing powders and an iron.  We also did more resist techniques and created unique 6 x 6 cards and envelopes that resembled my samples.  

Week 1 card A

Week 1 card B

I encouraged the students in each class to use my samples as a guide only.  I wanted them to step out of my box and enter into their creativity.  I wish I also had the sense to take pictures of what they did, it was wonderful to see how they applied the techniques and put the papers together.

In week two, we learned about placing movement and interaction into our cards to give it that extra WOW! you just can not get with a store bought card, using some tricks you may have around your house.  Again, they were encouraged to create their own and it just so happened that we did this class on a day that preceded one of the student's sibling's birthday.  So he made a birthday card that had some spin!  *Note to self - be sure to keep camera handy for future classes!!!

Week 2 card A - the hedgehog swings from his one cent kite as you move the card.

Week 2 card B - the pumpkin spins in the cutout window using a very fishy technique as well as a tip on how to use bright paper when you want a more muted effect.  The orange in this card was a BRIGHT orange that we "toned down" to achieve a fall color versus a summer color.

Each week the student chose one of the two cards, either a general theme or a fall themed version.  The packet would include all the papers I used but not cut to my dimensions so they could use as little or as much as they chose.  It was a lot of fun!

In our final week we actually learned a technique that I am most excited about called Bandanna or Create Your Own Paper.  I taught the students the simple steps to random stamping and the tricks to get it to look random but clean.  I also shared some tricks for coloring the paper and adding highlights and accents that make you think the newly designed one-of-a-kind paper was purchased from a fine paper store. 

Week 3 card A - using a simple object from my kitchen cupboards, I created this unique shape for the card and created my own paper using stamps and inks.

Week 3 card B - I did not have any fall colored or themed paper at home, so I was inspired to create my own and now I have no need to go to the store for a specific theme ever again.  I was able to create my own "leaves" from paper which kept me from purchasing those too!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What is the Montana Craft Shack?

This is so exciting!
First I will introduce myself, Heather Corbitt.  I am a wife, a mom and a crafty chic.  I see blank walls, paper and other untouched surfaces and I can not help but think of how to create something beautiful there.  I have a passion for paper crafting but I also like to knit, quilting,  andI even dabble with a brush now and then on canvas or other "paintable" surfaces.  I am also learning that I like photography, although I still have so much to learn.  My only other passion is to share my knowledge with others.  This is what lead me to creating this new adventure, The Montana Craft Shack.
I began this summer in my home teaching just a handful of people of all ages the joys of crafting, from creating cards to learning to sew.  I now spend three days a week teaching others how to find their crafty bone.
Since we started this in June, I have begun to see the growth potential and I have also seen that my little home is just not big enough to continue this way.  I began the search for a space to grow in to.  However, the prices are CRAZY!  There is just no way to start a business without a LOT of capital, UNLESS I find a suitable place for a lot less money.
This is where one of my students, and friend, Pam comes in.  After discussing a great deal of this with her, she too felt the needs to grow and has a passion for crafting and working at home.  We both have families and this would be a way to make some cash without compromising our values.
She explained she has some space we could utilize, it just needs some work.
We began last week by mucking out the area and reorganizing her things to make the space work for our needs.

This blog will be a documentary of sorts as we go from a small little living room project to whatever God has in store for us.  I hope you will enjoy the trip as we ride along together with the ups and downs of creating a new business. 
Be sure to check back often for photos, laughter and super great crafting ideas!